Grief Wristbands and Other Memorial Objects

We all know that grief, death, and mourning are part of our human lives. Not only are they necessary, these conditions can be incredibly beautiful. When someone loses a loved one, either suddenly without warning or gradually during an illness, it is devastating. Most of the time, the grieving search for ways for remember and honor their friends and family. However, it may be difficult for some to express their grief and sadness in healthier ways.

Memorial objects such as grief wristbands are wonderful ways to express your grief and/or support the newly bereaved. They can be any color, but a simple black wristband is a symbol of mourning as well as the external manifestation of grief. When someone sees your wristband, they will know that you are hurting inside. It is also a reminder to act kind to someone grieving.

Grief wristbands are not worn to show off emotions; in fact, they are symbols to let the world know that the wearer has a wounded heart. The person wearing the wristband may look as if they are distracted or busy, but inside they are hurting. They may not be prepared to talk about their grief, or they may need to express their emotions. Whatever the situation, please remember to be a little extra patient and compassionate. If the wearer does not speak, know that their heart is hurting, and be kind to them.

Grief wristbands are used for memorials to remember victims of events such as the Thousand Oaks shooting, 9/11, Sandy Hook incident, or any significant event to support the newly bereaved. They are usually made from silicone, and they are strong and long-lasting. They come in any color that stands for the incident, as well as simple black.

Other Memorial Objects that Help with Grieving

Along with wristbands, urns are used as memorial objects. They usually contain some ashes of the person who has died. Gardens, quilts, and locks of the person’s hair can also be symbols of memorials. Physical components can help grieving victims focus on the wonderful memories of the their loved one and keep them close to their heart.